freelance teachers

WiSe 21-22

















Lin, I-Hua, M.A.

Chinese I/II; Cross-cultural Communication - China




German as a foreign language (DaF)






Kames, Peggy, M.A.

DaF A2-B1


Marten, Nicole, Dipl.-Ing.

DaF B2-C1; Problemorientiertes Lernen










Abo Zarad, Rami, M.A.

English for Study Abroad

Aguilar Ramirez, Mariana, M.A.

Digital Communication Skills

Archer, Joanne, B.A.

Culture, Society and Politics in the UK; Business English III

Brosnan, Jane, M.A.

Culture, Society and Politics in Australia and New Zealand; Language, Society and Power

Dombrowsky, Dietmar, M.A.

Meetings in English; Business Communication; English for AI, Embedded and Robotic Systems


Gordon, John, B.A.

Applications in English; Presenting in English


Harrison, Gary, B.A.

Business Communication; Presenting in English


Kassman, Kenn, Dr.

Applications in English;  Technical English II

Klein, Ellen, M.A.

Basic English-Blended learning (A1);English Grammar for Professional Purposes; Technical English I


Mac Gregor, Ian David, B.A.

English for Architecture and Design; English for Start-Ups and Business Innovation

Sedy, Peter, B.A.


Sutthoff, Anne Bridget, M.A.

English for Architecture and Design; English for Industry 4.0; Written Communication

Vázquez Sandoval, Lilian, Dr. phil.

English for the Automobile Industry; Intercultural education and competence


Waters, Leo, B.A.

Oral Communication

Zivkovic, Alexander Sasha, B.A.

Applications in English; English for Computer Science; English for Electrical Engineering (Communication Engineering)










Jaumouillé, Nathalie, M.A.

French I - III










Prete, Diana, Diplom

Itallian I - III










Carvalho-Tetzner, Rita, B.A.

Portuguese I - III










Seara Tejados, Izaskun, Diplom

Spanish I

Moral Heider, Maria del Rosario, Diplom

Spanish II - III