ARS21 - Sustainable Design for Low Carbon Buildings and Cities
Virtual Summer School

Building constructions and ambitious energy renovations can reduce the sector’s energy use by nearly 30% to 2050 (IEA), even as floor area increases globally. Energy efficiency is key, both for the current building stock and for new buildings in the residential and commercial sector. The best and cheapest way of combating climate change and the resource depletion is to reduce the amount of energy that need to be generated in order to serve our buildings.

The summer academy on “Sustainable Design for Low Carbon Buildings and Cities 2021” invites undergraduate and graduate students, postgraduates, and scientific scholars of the fields of architecture, constructional engineering, urban development and planning, as well as energy and building technology to discuss and elaborate technical, scientific, economic, legal and political aspects of providing the built environment with sustainable architectural designs and with heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and power systems in the most efficient way possible. Besides, high standards on thermal and visual comfort as well as air quality need to be guaranteed for the occupants, users and employees.

Program-Flyer ARS21




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