Project 2021-2024

We are the project team for interactive teaching in virtual STEM labs: Prof. Dr. Joachim Villwock, Lena Ziesmann, Linnea Pehl, Prof. Dr. Steffen Prowe, Dr. Evelyne Becker, Dr. Martina Mauch, Clara Simon and Robert Halwaß.

"Reale Hochschullehre - Immersive Technologien für Bildungsprozesse in Hochschule & Beruf"

On October 11, 2023, the team of the MINT-VR-Labs project invited to the event "Reale Hochschullehre - Immersive Technologien für Bildungsprozesse in Hochschule und Beruf (Real University Teaching - Immersive Technologies for Educational Processes in Higher Education and Profession)". Focussing on the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality in education, experts discussed with the audience the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies.

The Vice President for Studies, Teaching, and Continuing Education (VPL), Prof. Dr. Dieter Pumpe of the Berlin Institute of Technology (BHT), opened the event with a keynote, followed by brief introductions of various immersive applications by different speakers. The presented projects included:

  • Project InKüle of the Universität der Künste (PD Dr. Sabine Huschka, Maria Kyrou, Mariam Rafehi)
  • Project Expedition Nano of the University of Applied Sciences (Prof. Pablo Dornhege, Prof. Dr. Lilia Sabantina, Prof. Dr. Lutz Strobach)
  • Project XRevent of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Anke von der Heide, Prof. Thomas Sakschewski (BHT))
  • Project MINT-VR-Labs of the BHT (Prof. Dr. Katharina Höhne)
  • Project VR-Repair ("Fernstudieninstitut" of the BHT, SUSTAINUM Institut und Siemens Energy Global)
  • AR/VR/360VR of Bayer AG (Andreas Wegner)
  • Human.VR.Lab of the BHT (Johannes Hoster)
  • HealthTec Initiative of the BHT in cooperation with the Deutschen Herzzentrum der Charité in Berlin (Dr. Frank Merkle)



Following this, visitors had the opportunity to experience these projects live, try them out for themselves, and engage in discussions on the interdisciplinary "marketplace." The event concluded with a Fish-Bowl discussion and interesting conversations at the pizza buffet with drinks. We would like to express our gratitude for the exciting insights and participation!

Office hours

We offer a "consultation hour" and are available Mondays from 10 to 12 am in room
E_.03.007 (Neubau Lütticher Straße 39). Feel free to try out our VR headsets on site.

Please contact the project coordinator Dr. Evelyne Becker in advance.

Tel. +49 (0) 30 4504 5497