Neue Lehrveranstaltungen:

Ab dem Sommersemester 2020 bieten wir neue Lehrveranstaltungen an. Die Kurzbeschreibungen zu diesen Kursen finden Sie unten. Eine Übersicht über alle Studium generale Kurse im Bereich Englisch finden Sie hier:


Business Communication (B2)

This course is intended for those students who would you like to improve their English language skills in business-related contexts (e.g. negotiating, professional networking and meetings) as well as their vocabulary in relation to a wide range of business topics.

English for Industry 4.0 (B2)

If you want to find out more about the impact that various technological advances (from the Industrial Internet of Things through lights-out manufacturing to 3D printing) are having on how we manufacture things and want to be able to discuss those changes in English, then this course is for you.

English for Architecture and Design (C1)

Berlin is well-known not only for its architectural landmarks but also as Germany’s “design capital” (see This course is aimed at everyone passionate about architecture and design and keen on improving their English language competence in relation to both.