Intercultural competence is becoming increasingly important in a world of work that is becoming more and more international. Dealing with different cultures and languages is a key qualification for your later professional life and it also is an important competence in dealing with different people on a daily basis. 

With our new “BHT Language Certificate" we would like to offer you the opportunity to gain international experience at your own university. If you have participated in several events, you will receive certificate that you can use for your job applications.

  1. Register to the Moodle course “BHT Language Certificate“(password: languagecertificate). Here you will find information about our current offers and you can register for different parts of the certificate.
  2.  Take a look at the list of lectures, courses, and events you can take part in to earn badges for the certificate.

  3. You can earn badges throughout your studies and they will be visible in your Moodle profile.
  4. Once you are sure that you have collected enough badges to receive the „BHT Language Certificate", contact sprachenkompetenzzentrum(at) and the certificate will be issued to you.

Badges are digital icons for achievements you have made. You get them for attending lectures, writing a report or an essay, participating in certain events, etc. You can find out what you need to do to get a specific badge in the offer section and also in a bit more detail in our Moodle course „BHT Language Certificate". If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact .

Once you have collected enough badges, you can receive the “BHT Language Certificate“. This document certifies that you have worked on your intercultural competencies, broadened your horizon and educated yourself internationally.

„Movie Club“ Badge If you participated in two English language movie afternoons and submitted a short English language review of each film, you will receive this badge. Reviews should be approximately 800 words in length. More information about our movies and how to write the reviews can be foundhere
„Book Club“ Badge Every second week during the semester, there will be a book club offered by the language team. If you have actively participated in 4 meetings you will receive this badge. More information and the dates of the book club can be foundhere