Minh Hoang DANG is a working student in the MAGDa team at Beuth University of Applied Science. He was born in Hanoi in the beautiful country of Vietnam. 

In 2015, he started to prepare for a two-year undergraduate degree in Computer Science in the Institute of Technology of University La Rochelle in France. Currently, he is working on a time and space based grid visualization of taxi trips. The analyzed data is open from the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission.

He is very experienced in the programming languages C/C++, Java/JavaScript and all kinds of game engines such as the Unreal Engine 4. At the Beuth University of Applied Science, he is interested in analyzing traffic data and exploring Big Data in an efficient way.

In his free time, he enjoys listening to classic music and therefore started to learn piano since 2015. He is also a big fan of ice cream and German food.

Java, C, C++, JavaScript, Game Engines