Petra Sauer conducts research and teaching in the areas of Database Systems and Geodatabases  at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin since 2002. She is also a founding member of the Data Science Research Group of our university.

She teaches computer science both  face to face and on-line in the department for Media Informatics. The courses she has been teaching include Object-Oriented programming, Database Systems, Database Technology and Enterprise Data Management, both in Bachelor and Master Courses.

Her research interests include Data Modeling and Design in different Database Architectures, applications with XML- and Geographical Databases in different contexts, Information Integration and Coexistence-Concepts of SQL- and NoSQL-Databases. She has been an active participant and leading member of different German and European research projects since 1992, such as  “Electronic Markets” (funded by the German Research AssociationDFG), “SOCRATES” (funded by the CEC - Programme RACE) and “SARBA” (funded by the Telematics-Program).

She is responsible for the Online Master degree in "Medicine Informatics" @Beuth.

Previous Stations are the Commission of the European Communities, Directorate-Generale XIII, the research programmes ESPRIT and TELEMATIC SYSTEMS, Leipzig University - Institute of Software and System Development, the University of Commerce Leipzig and the University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau

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