On 01.06.2019 the project mVIZ was launched, which has found support within the research initiative mFUND. It promotes ideas with a clear focus on Mobility 4.0.

The aim of mVIZ is the development of a concept for user-friendly and efficient visualization of open spatio-temporal data of the mCloud, the Open Data Portal of the BMVI. With the resulting application both interested users, as well as developers, are actively supported in the selection of suitable visualizations for the spatio-temporal data selected by them. Furthermore, the recommended visualizations should help to visually explore the datasets of the data portal, so that the selection of relevant data for the user is facilitated.

The main focus of the project is on user-friendliness and efficiency.

The research project ExCELL(on GitHub) is funded by the German Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) and part of the SmartData campeign. It seeks to build up a modular service plattform offering mobility solutions such as routing, scheduling and job pooling. ExCELL is targeting small and medium-sized companies to improve their productivity by saving hours waiting in traffic jams or running with empty cargos. Moreover, ExCELL is also relevant for tech start-ups by chaining their tools into the plattform and using crowd sourced data from existing services.

Management of multi perspective information models to integrate Building Information Modeling (BIM) from Facility Management (FM) perspective

Motivation and challenges

Nowadays Building Information Modeling is accepted to be the most promising digitalization approach to improve the efficiency of the whole building life-cycle. By using BIM as a new paradigm for introducing holistic business processes in model based collaboration between all participants in building industry, goals like enhanced cost accuracy, cost reductions and faster project cycles will be achieved.

While most of the current BIM initiatives focus on the planning and construction phase, this research project addresses the Facility Management  and operational phase of the building life-cycle. One reason for sparsely using BIM in the FM business is, that FM would have to build BIM models for existing buildings on their own from scratch due to lack of previously defined BIM Models. To worsen the situation, there are massive fears of FM departments in terms of high efforts to maintain and revise BIM model data over decades of building usage.

contact: Frank Herrmann, fherrmann(at)bht-berlin.de

The joint research and development project FoerDaBa (an acronym for german public funds database) has been officially launched in June 2016 by Berlin’s Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district. Prior to this FoerDaBa was tested by a selected group for several months.

FoerDaBa implements a web-based database solution for managing public funds handled by Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg’s facility management and urban planning departments.

It ensures a consistent data management for everything related to properties, developers and development schemes.

All of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg’s development related departments will be using FoerDaBa in the future. An approximated number of 100 users is planned.