High Efficiency Low Noise HeatPump Dryer

In recent years it has been possible to develop more energy-efficient dryer and introduce them to the market. Through the use of compression heat pumps, the energy consumption compared with conventional dryers is significantly reduced. Currently, the most efficient devices are below the label limit of energy efficiency class A up to 60% and thus provide the most efficient appliances on the market. However, the higher noise level is still a problem to be solved.

This is what the HELNOISE research project focuses on. The flow resistance of these devices is significantly increased due to the heat exchangers used, and at the same time a higher flow rate for the heat pump process is required. This results in higher flow noise, there are currently no suitable methods for accurate noise prediction and optimization. It is necessary to lift the still hidden causes of the efficiency and noise by means of numerical interpretation.

As part of this research project, the tools for noise optimization of heat pump dryers are seeked out, especially a new fan concept will be developed. The HELNOISE will contribute to the design phase with experimental and numerical methods and optimize such Home Appliances so that they cause as little noise as possible, even with high energy efficiency.

The publications of this project may be found here.