The foreign language program developed by us

    takes into account the central skills of listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking and writing.
    covers the essential skills of vocabulary and grammar.
    is adapted to the needs of your particular field of study and to your future professional environment.
    teaches you the necessary technical language (e.g. in courses such as "English in Mechanical Engineering" or "English in Electrical Engineering").
    also takes into account job-specific language skills such as giving a presentation in English or communicating with business partners both verbally (e.g. on the phone) and in writing (e.g. via e-mail).
    helps you prepare for longer stays abroad.
    helps you to overcome language barriers, thereby supporting the greatest possible mobility in an increasingly globalized working world.
    takes into account the cultural component, which is extremely important for language learning (living conditions in different countries, values, body language, social conventions, etc.). Your "intercultural awareness" is thereby significantly sharpened.
    helps you to expand and train your linguistic knowledge and skills during your studies and also afterwards increasingly on your own (use of adult-oriented learning techniques, use of dictionaries, etc.).