We support complex business decisions with data science.

Professors of departments "Mathematics" and "Computer Science and Media" work with students, postgraduates and industrial partners on fundamential research in "Data Science+X"

More and more organizations ask how they could benefit from artificial intelligence and data science in their core tasks. 

Answering this question is not easy. Basically, companies need to identify sweet spots in their value-added processes,  which can be optimized by means of exclusive information from data. One example is brand  monitoring on the Web: Who uses my brand? After the data analysis, the company receives a list and can identify potential influencers or leads.  Another example is supply chain management. At the moment, companies can not always predict which partners in the supply chain might fail in the near future. Additional signals - from the Web, from news, from reports - can support the decisions of the supply chain management so that the enterprise can react timely. Finally, health care is another interesting area. AI can help in the process of differential diagnosis and can show the doctor additional treatments or diagnostics from similar cases in hospital archives.

The "Data Science +X Research Center" bundles activities at the Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT). These include the Master Data Science and award-winning research projects from BMWi, BMBF or EU H2020.

Next Winterterm starts again a Data Science Master in English Language at Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT).