For the first time, the Smart Data Web project brings together data and the latest technologies from Web 3.0, Big Data and Industry 4.0 with the concept of the data value chain. These "supply chains" for data and data-based services enable industry to optimize planning / decision-making processes. The informational advantage enables companies to introduce new business models and revolutionize industrial processes ahead of their competitors.


This research-intensive objective meets high demand from industrial users in Germany. The project provides them with a generic open model, knowledge graphs, and easy-to-use technologies for integrating with in-house data. For this data bases are integrated, which already consist of many billions of facts (DBpedia, Wikipedia, MIA, GoOLAP etc.) and extended by new data. The publicly and securely accessible Knowledge Graph offers a significant added value for SME users in particular through a significant reduction in the cost of use. The results are tested in two environments:

(i) cooperation of innovative service providers and specialized suppliers (SMEs) with industrial customers and

(ii) a major industrial enterprise. Areas of application include market research and supply chain management.

The BMWi has recommended the Smart Data Web project for funding. Planned project start is Q1 / 2015.


Projectpartners (next to BHT): DFKI, Siemens, VICO Research & Consulting GmbH, ubermetrics, neofonie GmbH, Uni-Leipzig

Associated Partners: Strato AG, Bisnode Deutschland GmbH, Wikimedia Foundation, W3C Konsortium

Contact Persons: Alexander Löser and Petra Sauer