Mobility services such as car-sharing, routing and intermodal travel have become established for the private sector and large corporations. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are still faced with the challenge of adapting their offerings for the private sector. The aim of the ExCELL project is to pilot a platform that enables integrated mobility services for SMEs.

Based on existing geo, traffic and operational data, a crowdsourcing approach is used to ensure decentralization, flexibility and timeliness. We refer to all potential German-based service providers and their customers, who use collectively mobile devices and the Web to communicate with mobility service providers. The ExCELL platform integrates existing routing concepts from currently seven practice partners and enriches their data with heterogeneous mass data from the crowd. For this purpose, scalable techniques of text and data mining, or algorithms for the processing of geodata, are being adapted and further developed in the project. The platform enables the practice partners to pool their existing mobility services and provides incentives to provide additional data through their customers, such as: B. Feedback on the utilization and quality of mobility services.

For example, the following mobility services could be developed:

1. SME delivery vehicle car sharing. Via the platform, owners of delivery vehicles can lease previously unused stand times to other companies.
2. Self-organized small goods logistics. The platform offers traders, producers and service providers the opportunity to have their goods, consumables and spare parts transported flexibly and inexpensively through the city in a crowd-based manner, by allowing free delivery capacities to be centrally recorded and thus used more efficiently.
3. Service passengers. The platform enables small and medium-sized service providers (such as caregivers or insurance agents) to travel intermodally in the city

The project ExCELL was recommended by the BMWi for funding. Planned start is Q1 / 2015.

Partners (next to BHT): Capgemini Deutschland  GmbH, Feld M GmbH, TU Dresden, TU München.

Associated Partners/ Evaluation Partners: Deutsche Post AG, Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, Fahrtenfuchs GmbH, Landeshauptstadt Dresden,Ming Labs GmbH, Plugsurfing GmbH

Contact Persons:Petra Sauer und Alexander Löser