Jens-Michalis Papaioannou started as a research assistant at DATEXIS at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin in March 2020.  He graduated as Dipl.-Ing. in electrical and computer engineering (Technische Informatik) at Technische Universität Berlin where he also worked as a student research assistant at the chair of Machine Learning for two years and for the last 6 years he worked as a Data Scientist for Scout24.  Off the record he likes to read books and articles about how the brain, human psychology and human biology works, he likes languages and he also loves to play inline hockey and is a music enthusiast.

Research Interests

  • Digital Health
  • Deep Learning
  • Interpretability
  • NLP
  • Active Learning


  • Betty van Aken, Jens-Michalis Papaioannou, Manuel Mayrdorfer, Klemens Budde, Felix Gers, Alexander Löser: Clinical Outcome Prediction from Admission Notes using Self-Supervised Knowledge Integration, EACL 2021
  • Jens-Michalis Papaioannou, Manuel Mayrdorfer, Sebastian Arnold, Felix A. Gers, Klemens Budde and Alexander Löser: Aspect-based Passage Retrieval with Contextualized Discourse Vectors, Proceedings of the 43rd European Conference on Information Retrieval ECIR 2021
  • Felix Biessmann; Jens-Michalis Papaioannou; Mikio Braun; Andreas Harth
    Canonical Trends: Detecting Trend Setters in Web
    Accepted to ICML 2012 (ICML'12: Proceedings of the 29th International Coference on International Conference on Machine Learning June 2012 Pages 1307–1314)
  • F. Biessmann; J-M Papaioannou; A Harth; ML Jugel; K-R Müller; M Braun
    Quantifying spatiotemporal dynamics of twitter replies to news feeds
    2012 IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing


E-Mail: michalis.papaioannou (at)