Teo started his PhD at BHT in November 2021 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Felix Bießmann and Prof. Dr. Frank Haußer.

After graduating in Linguistics at the Humboldt University in 2015 and in Applied Mathematics at the Beuth University (currently BHT) in 2018, he pursued a Master's degree in Data Science at BHT. During that time, Teo worked part-time in Adlershof in the field of industrial image processing. Later, he joined the AI-Project KInsecta led by Prof. Frank Haußer at BHT. There, he was responsible for developing and testing ML models for classifying insect species based on wingbeat signals. This task later constituted the topic of his Master's thesis (2021), which afterwards opened the path to his PhD topic: XAI (eXplainable Artificial Intelligence). Teo now focuses on investigating uncertainty in XAI methods and what good machine-generated explanations are made up of.


Research Interests

  • Deep Learning
  • XAI
  • Computer Vision
  • Fine Grained Image Analysis (FGIA)


Advised Theses

  • Philipp Zettl. Machine Lerning Methods for the Localization and Classification on Insects in Images. Bachelor Thesis, 2022.



E-Mail: chiaburu.teodor (at) bht-berlin.de

LinkedIn: Theodor Chiaburu