Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Alexander Löser heads the Data Science Research Center at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences.

He is an expert in the BMBF Learning Systems Platform and was in 2019 board member of the Berlin Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF). During his career, he advised companies, such as ebay /, Zalando, Münchner Rück, IBM or Krohne Messtechnik, in setting up the data science organization or designing data products.

Alexander leads the DATEXIS team at the University,  one of the leading research groups for neural text mining in Germany.

Previously, he studied computer science and economics at the HTW Berlin and the University of Salamanca (Spain) and graduated in 2005 as a DFG scholarship holder at the TU Berlin. Next stops were the  HP Labs Bristo, the IBM Almaden Research Center San Jose, the research department of the SAP AG and a habilitation at the TU Berlin. His work has been patented several times, published and transferred to the products IBM Lotus Notes and SAP HANA.

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