Prof. Dr. Patrick Erdelt represents the database systems department in Faculty II, Mathematics.

He did his doctorate at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main on mathematical foundations of quantum field theories. After graduating, he founded an Internet startup agency and later worked as a freelance consultant and interim manager in the fields of web development, database systems and business intelligence. During this time, as a university lecturer, he presented topics from the intersection of mathematics and computer science, in particular web data mining.

He is currently working on Cloud-native benchmarking to define, examine and organize performance testing of database systems in modern environments and fields of application. He is particularly interested in solutions for mathematical requirements for database systems, for example to bring the worlds of data science and database management systems (DBMS) closer to each other to learn from each other. He believes, this will power the future of data science platforms, since DBMS are the most sophisticated and advanced data systems. This is expected to increase performance, ease of use and security for processes that accompany artificial intelligence.

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