Stefan Edlich represents the fields of software engineering and NoSQL databases at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin. After two diplomas (computer science and business engineer) he obtained the degree of Dr. med. Ing. In 1995 about groupware systems. Since 2004 he is with the Beuth University of Applied Sciences and researches in the field of NoSQL and systems for the analysis of large amounts of data.

In addition to 13 books, he wrote the world's first NoSQL book. He is speaker or keynote speaker at many conferences such as JAX, OOP, NoSQL Road Show, Frankfurt Database Days, GOTO etc. He even organizes conferences in the field of big data and functional programming languages such as ICOODB, NoSQL Matters, GOTO, Euroclojure, de-clojure and more. He also manages the # 1 NoSQL Archive , the second largest big-data community in the world. Since 2014 he is part of the BBDC national competence center for big data.

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