The founding team "QualiFiction" is developing a software for predicting book success: "The cloud solution helps publishers to not miss the next 'Harry Potter' and to be able to better manage the marketing budget." Ralf Winkler and Gesa Schöning (from left). Prof. Dr. Alexander Löser (l.) Is the mentor of the team currently funded by the BMWi with the Exist Gründerstipendium.


Every year around 90,000 new books appear on the German market, but only very few succeed in becoming a bestseller. But what does it matter if a book succeeds or not?

With the "Bestseller DNA" software, the QualiFiction team decodes the patterns behind the best-selling books. In doing so, they are solving the problems of publishers so that they can no longer overlook economic success and be better able to respond to trend topics and target groups. This is done using machine learning based on data science: Existing bestsellers are evaluated with the software, and predictive findings from topic, sentiment and other analyzes are put together to form a "bestseller score". The success of the process was already tested by a mathematically related method at Stanford University: with a hit rate of 80% scientists were thus able to predict bestsellers.

The team has already won a publishing house as a cooperation partner. The next "Harry Potter" should be found quickly with the data-based bestselling DNA.

Further information in the flyer or by Gesa Schöning.